Technical Staff
1 Sh. C.P. Jeenwal Principal (Diploma)
2 Sh. Khemraj Meghwal G.I. Cum Instuctor (B.E.)
3 Sh. Sampat Singh Instuctor (I.T.I.)
4 Sh. Deepak Instuctor (I.T.I.)
5 Sh. Om Prakash Instuctor (I.T.I.)
6 Sh. Ravindra Instuctor (Diploma)
7 Sh. Rahul Chouhan Instuctor (I.T.I.)
8 Sh. Hitesh Kumar Instuctor (Diploma)
9 Sh. Hemant Pichonia Instuctor (I.T.I.)
10 Smt. Bhawana Instuctor (I.T.I.)
11 Sh. Jitendra Paliwal Instuctor (MBA)


To become the emerged Enterpreneur Group focusing on expanding and creating opportunities to achieve corporate excellence in the competitive environment in all the sector of business.


Quality at all levels of functioning
Work enforcement required as per competitive corporate culture
Commitment for best Growth rate in future
Provide best environment to develop World-class human resource
Rituraj PVT. ITI, Ajmer
Pushkar Bypass Road
Opp-Power Grid Station
Ghooghra, Ajmer - 305023
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