Infrastructure,Building and Workshop
1. Total accommodation (sq. meters) required as per NCVT norms for the whole institute (Covered area) 1325.89
2. Actual accommodation (covered Area) available (Sq. Meters)  
3. Total land area provided for the institute 5 Bighas
4. Whether own or rented building (enclose proof of ownership/lease deed/rent agreement) Lease allotted Through PPP Mode Hold
5. Date of occupation 14/06/2011
6. Duration of Lease/rent agreement 30 Years
7. Date of expiry of lease/rent agreement 23/05/2041
8. Whether attested copy of site plan and layout of the entire institute attached Yes
9. Name and registration no. of the Architect who prepared & signed on the layout Dharmendra Jain Reg. No.
Area available in the institute of office & other facilities
Description Area Required as per NCVT Norms Area available in the Institute Remarks (mention shortage if any)
Principal's Chamber - 25.48  
Office - 9.45  
Staff Room - 10.53  
Class Rooms Area   173.48  
Workshop Area   433.36  
Drawing Hall   79.55  
Audio Visual Hall   79.55  
Computer Lab   79.55  
Library - 25.48 List of the technical books to verified separately
Dispensary - 12.89 List of the items available to be verified separately
IT Lab - 79.55 List of the items available to be verified and furnished separately
Engineering Drawing Hall - 79.55 List of the items available to be furnished separately
Workshop Calculation and Science Room - 25.13  
Employability Skills/Social Studies Room - 25.48  
Play Ground & Sports facilities (Indoor & Outdoor) -   List of the Sports items available to be verified separately
Area available in the institute for Workshops & Class Rooms
Name of the Trade Maximum no. of units in one shift only Workshop Class Room
Required as per NCVT norms
(Sq. M.)
Actually available
(Sq. M.)
(if any)
Required as per NCVT norms (Sq. M.) Actually available
(Sq. M.)
(if any)
Electrician 1 97.60 101.66 Nil   43.37 Nil
Total     101.66     43.37  
1. Copy of the Tent Deed, Lease Dee Attested/notarized.
2. Copy of the Building Layout duly attested by the Architect with registration Number
3. Site Map of the institute showing some landmark nearby
4. If drawing is not to scale, not prepared by registered architect, not readable, dimensions not mentioned, affiliation.


To become the emerged Enterpreneur Group focusing on expanding and creating opportunities to achieve corporate excellence in the competitive environment in all the sector of business.


Quality at all levels of functioning
Work enforcement required as per competitive corporate culture
Commitment for best Growth rate in future
Provide best environment to develop World-class human resource
Rituraj PVT. ITI, Ajmer
Pushkar Bypass Road
Opp-Power Grid Station
Ghooghra, Ajmer - 305023
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